June 5 Meeting Cancelled

Hi folks,
We are cancelling the meeting for tonight.

Tonight's meeting cancelled

VIDEOBAND Craig Norris

Hi everyone,

Here's a link to our band new website with a brand new video that I didn't show last time I popped by: www.fbramazingplaces.ca
Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive email notifications the moment new videos are released - 4 more will be launched over the next 4 weeks!

You most go see his exhibit at Assumption Gallery on maine street. 

Van't Veld - "Norway" & "Panel of Pros"

     Van't Veld will do his presentation on "Norway". Very excited to see it!! 

"Panel of Pros"

Please bring your questions...

On May 22, 2014 we have planned a special evening featuring a panel of “our best” professionals to answer your
questions on the following subjects.

Stephen Reebs will answer your questions on landscape photography

Clarence Nowlan will answer your questions on wildlife photography

Rachelle Richard-L├ęger will answer your questions on portrait photography

Eva from Ivan’s will answer your questions on cameras and various accessories

Questions will also be welcomed at the meeting!

Andy Janes "Bolivia - "without a safety net"

May 8, 2014: *Regular Club Meeting*:

     - Member's mini presentation : Andy Janes "Bolivia - "without a safety net"

     - Club Contest: Landscape 
     - Images for view